Temple of Hercules
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chrisian church.jpg

Christian church next to Mosque.
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The King Abdullah bin Al Hussein Mosque of thr Matter.
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Our guide through Jordan on the right. Lana Nassar and the girls went to Turkish bath today and then to her parents home where we met her wise Palestinian Aunt and her mom who is the first women govenern. We ate a traditional Jordanian m eal called Mansaf which the mother prepared the modern way by running over the dried yogurt balls with the car. The funny thing was, I thought I was making a joke when Lana asked "your not going to believe how she breaks up the balls the "modern" way. " I said running them over with a car. I just guessed it and we all laughed like old friends.
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What Im interested in doing.

For the next eight months I will be trying to complete a novel. I have never wanted to be a writer which makes this alittle interesting. I was drawing these costumes and I thought it might be interesting to imagine what clothes might look like in the future...way in the future. As I spent time night after night relaxing and drawing I couldnt stop creating their world around them. As a teacher I naturally think about how to effect the children? How can I teach them to see more? How can I prepare them for their future? What are they going to need? What is truely important? Then Sansaria said  "I can show them". She said "give me a life and I can show them! The drawing didnt really speak at least not audibly but in my head. Well, apparently she is very very stubborn and wont leave. She's been there for about seven years now workin out the finest of details and now  I feel somewhat ill prepared for her birth.
A girl friend of mine listened to my story and thought I could use a "Sacred Women's Journey" to commemorate and somewhat facilitate her exit from my brain and on to paper... hence the trip to Jordan. Somewhat creepy timeing with my gradschool studies starting... which incorporates a Self Designed Writing Science Fiction class and a Mythology and Women class.
Now, hang in there we are almost finished. Since I am an art teacher and an artist we cannot deny the need for visual understanding. So in Jordan I will meeting and organizing a cultural exchange between two high school art classes. The product of this colaboration will then be exhibited in the MOCADA Brooklyn NY.
So this blog is where Im going to make sence of all this. Im going to first cleanse my body, mind and spirit.Then Im going to make some space in my head so Sansaria can stretch her legs a little.
 See... what you don't know is the novel is all about girl power. You know simply speaking...girls needing to go back through time and make some changes so the universe runs on the track of survival. The mission of this book is to show young women that intuition can be inspired by many magical things and if you listen. the smallest decision could change the course of history.Thats all I'm gonna give ya right now though.

Another one of Sansaria's friends.

Sansaria has two really close friends Orianna and Beannette. Everyone in the future has various shades of brown skin with features of the seven continents.There clothing is Future Indigenous.


Notice her white hair...she is about 11 here with a very old soul.
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This is where it all started. I was just doing some drawings of some future ancient drawings and they started to come alive.
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The adventure begins.....A trip to Jordan.

In preparation I will be creating a daily art journal page. Here is the old baby's book I spray gessoed in preparation.
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