Blurred Lines

Is this heart  tied or supported? Is it old and worn out or weathered and full of depth? Is it trapped or just suspended in its own comfortable surroundings? Can we tell it's story by it's imperfections? If it were plump and shiny would you be more attracted to it? There are so many ways of seeing.

Just beyond

I stopped for a picture and just beyond this point is where I found the package apparently meant for me.

Collage Tag Found

This tag was attached to the odd looking stack of hand painted journal pages, I found as I trekked by camel back, through the coral sands of the Wadi Rum desert. They were wrapped  tightly together by a strange luminescent fabric and a red string. The sun caught a corner, as it peeked through the endless rolls of bellowing dunes, and a sharp ray of light pierced by eye with a direct, purposeful stab. I carefully unwrapped the mysterious package, from another world, as if it were the last present on Christmas morning.  


A Broken Wing Mixed Media Painting

Another mixed media painting came together today. Although I never feel finished  I felt to birth her now. I do not know how she broke her wing yet...I'm sure I will get the message at some point.