Art Journal Sansarian Illlustrations Done!

I make these pages on illustration board and in all different sizes. As it flips it creates new combinations of images, color and balance. It's a fun way to work and a bit more complex and challenging. I'm working on a video flip of the whole thing and hopefully it will be ready this afternoon. I cannot fit anymore pages in these three ring binder attachment so I will work in a regular old book for a while. Now I'd better do so more writing. It is interesting to see this story unfold visually and very theraputic for writers block. Its is not really a block it is just I'm a visual person and I need a quick reference to keep me motivated and entertained. For more information and speed mixed media video's go to  Liverson2's Youtube Channel. Now go get creative.


Hypatia Philosopher, mathematician of the Stars

Hypatia of Alexandria died in 415AD. She was considered the first notable woman educator in math,  philosophy and astronomy. She taught many of the powerful young men of those times but in the end her pagan background and rooted scientific mind was brutally killed by the Christians who feared she was causing religious turmoil. This was back in the time of Roman occupied Egypt and the Great Alexandrian Library. Her father was the mathematician there. Great movie to see about her life is called "Agora". (It's on Netflix)

Sansaria will have to go there won't she. I figure she must go and warn Hypatia to hide her scrolls so the won't burn and the rest of time could prosper from her wisdom. I'm thinking pivital point in women history....I'm thinking another art journal page for my spring break. 

An Immortal Cell

Today a local Brooklyn artist Kimberly Becoat came by the classroom and told of us of a very important African American Women who has done more for the medical world then anyone person on the planet. After her death 60 years ago from cancer, they found that her cancer cell was immortal....meaning that it duplicates and never dies. This cell is currently still being used in all cellular research. It is the only one ever found. More of her story

So this week coming up I thought I would make a journal page honoring her. Wish me luck.


Spirit Guide Art Journal Page

I made a video of this levitating guide. Check out Sansaria's youtube channel for more action.


Today I was looking back at an old art journal that I made and i realized that even then I was working out the details of Sansarian's world. It's a funny process writing a least a one like this. It can take over every aspect of your least the imaginary ones where anything can be made sense of. This is a wall I made in my class of all my students junk journals. What freeing energy it creates for our school environment.

My Youtube channel is getting new subscribers everyday. (Link is to the right) This inspires me. I do like to entertain. I always have. In every way, whether it be at first, through dance and then through a dance club and music and then through my jewelry company and my bed and breakfast...that was pretty funky too. Now I suppose I am pretty entertaining as an art teacher at least I try to be, as the kids think I'm funny and bold.....OK a bit crazy is what they really say. Anyway BIG THANKS to my new subscribers and welcome to my new blog as well. It feels kind of like applause. The more viewers, the more I try to be entertaining for you. I don't know why this is so important to some, but it definitely wakes me up in the morning."smile". 

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