Joy in their eyes.

The Bediun People touched me more than I can express. My son said they are all so charismatic.They have no material objects...really non that I could see... not even an extra set of clothing. It changes your view on everything.We imagine ourselves with nothing and we could never be that satisfied. But we are never satisfied either way. I gave them drawings of themselves which I thought they would cherish. They did for a moment and then the drawing had no value and was soon in the dirt. No one had more or less. They just shared goats, and feed and tea. They baby sat each others kids and everyone had their jobs to make the day work. As the older sister road the donkey side saddle up the mountain for the nights water supply I watched a local game of jumping of the highest rock. So much laughter.The school near by has been up and running for ten years now. I wonder if their culture will now die out in the name of progress... the complexities of this they are not familiar with. 50% took the homes that were built for them in the lowlands. The other 50% refused to change their nomadic life style in the hills and the tents. The Eco Lodge is a equal part in this community. Support Eco Lodges every chance you get a chance. Its the way it really should be. Sharing!

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