From the very beginning I've had this attachment to things that are old and worn. Over the years it has become popular and acceptable. When I was young, my pre-teen years it was a bit odd. Now it is strange to see grunging and antiquing and distressing used so commonly. I'm conflicted just a bit because I liked the feeling of being unique and different. But now I do enjoy seeing prefab old stuff like emphemera, distress inks and pre-printed paper that looks old. I realize though that half the value for me was the hunt, and I rarely buy those things. It just makes my hunt more challenging. After writing a comment to Tim Holtz begging him to stop watering down the creative process and making such awesome stuff, I realized that I wouldn't stop if I were him and realized I was just jealous because I could have gone into manufacturing these things but he does it so well there could be no competition. So periodically I thought I'd show you my finds....then I thought I show you how I would use them in decor, art and/or writing. 

Ask yourself why do you like things that are old or worn?
 In Sansarian Scripts there is belief or should I say a truth that old things have a type of soul or memory that it holds.
When you touch that thing it takes on your memory and anyone elses who has ever touched it. Imagine what we could learn if we could read these objects of curiosity! What stories could they share with us?

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