Kickstarter Project Idea

I expect to take this novel into the enhance book realm. Which is relatively a new concept in reading comprehension as I see it. It could be seen as pure entertainment to others but as an art educator I see everything through that lens of broadening perspective and possibilities. I had set a goal for last summer and then had some personal issues that un-stabelized me for a moment. Trying to concieve writing, illustrating and now a enhanced book app is daunting and sometimes feels unrealistic. So I now I'm focusing on getting interested people involved and learning how to work with others. I love doing things myself but I must really look at the momentum factor at this point. Technology? App design needs to be done right and with a company that knows what it is doing. I have contactedn  Zentro Media who happens to have offices in Santa Barbara and New York which would be ideal (since I spend summers in Santa Barbara). There is a problem though.....I am a few steps ahead of myself. Edit edit edit edit yes........ so I have found a perfect editor who is "on Board" and is perfectly suited for the job. I'm thrilled and the ball is rolling again and happy to say in many different directions at the same time...that is how I work best anyway. 

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